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The founding principal of Rawat MediaWorks is to seamlessly integrate content, community, commerce and technology into an enriching experience for society at large.

Our Projects


Peepal ke Patte (Hindi Classical Novel)

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Intelligence91 (Travel Intelligence)

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My Two Worlds (English Fiction Novel)

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League of India (News Action Tank)

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Twice Shy (Bilingual Screenplay)

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The Indic Post (Internet Newspaper)

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Kitli-Life@Tea (Social Networking Site)

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League Monthly Magazine

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A.O.D. (English Feature Film)

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Our Services

Custom Media Solutions

Rawat MediaWorks realises that the global marketplace has changed beyond recognition in the past few years. Today it is no longer a question of whether what worked last year would work this year, the very real question is whether what worked last week would work today. Simply said, you cannot plan a year by aligning your message with a delivery vehicle that you have no control upon. In even more direct words, You need to drive the vehicle and content that is driving your marketing. To answer that critical requirement of the present times, Rawat MediaWorks offers the following: (A) Custom Publishing (Magazines, Books, Journals, Web Portals) | (B) Corporate Videos / Video Series | (C) Targeted TV Production | (D) Targeted Radio Production To find out the option that best suits your requirements, write today to: custom@rawat.co.in

Film & TV Production

Makers of one of India’s earliest full-length English feature films on digital format, A.O.D. (“The Art of Dying”), Rawat MediaWorks offers rich experience and expertise with regards film and television production. The mark of excellence travels from the story board to production floor to post-production studios. You can make use of Rawat MediaWorks’ expertise in the following: (A) Writing: Concept, story, script, screenplay/ camera script, dialogues, lyrics, translation | (B) Production: Direction, cinematography, line production | (C) Post Production: Film and video editing, sound editing, music and narration recording, SFX, titling Whether you want a small episode written or want an entire film shot by us, get in touch with us here: filmandtv@rawat.co.in

Media for Education

The Rawat MediaWorks team possesses rich and varied experience pertaining to education sector, right from curriculum development to student management activities. The company has now decided to build upon that lineage by sharing the learning with impressionable – and eager to learn – young school students from across India. The company offers solutions in the following principal areas of convergence between the company and schools (including nursery and play schools): Curriculum Development (A) Activities Modules | (B) Media Products (Print, Online, Video) Development | (C) Early Internship Training Programs

360° MarCom Consultancy

Gaining from our rich multi-platform experience of over 12 years, we offer 360 degree solutions to all of your company’s marketing and communications (MarCom) needs – with cutting-across-media “advertising, promotions and generic brand building solutions” forming the key services. You can look forward to benefit from Rawat MediaWorks’ integrated delivery expertise, thereby getting significantly higher returns on your marketing investment from a one stop planning, creation and distribution model that makes use of an “innovative and intelligent mix of strategy, technology and creativity“. To learn how your company/brand can gain from our experience, please write to: marcom@rawat.co.in

The Times of India:

"In a dramatic development, the 3rd Asian Film Festival uncovered an unknown young film wizard (Anshuman Rawat)..."

Newsroom & Blog

Rawat MediaWorks’ Latest Offering – ‘My Two Worlds’

Rawat MediaWorks (Rawat Media Private Limited) today released Dilip V. Subhedar’s semi-fictional book “My Two Worlds.” Meant for readers of all ages, the book will have another release at the Rotary club soon. Ahmedabad (I-Newswire) August 29, 2013 – Rawat MediaWorks today launched an entertaining new book “My Two Worlds” in Ahmedabad. Authored by first-time […]

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Rawat Media Launches an Online Magazine on Politics, Governance and Society

A premium online magazine on (Indian) Politics, Governance & Society, League of India (www.leagueofindia.com), was today launched by Rawat Convergence Projects, an India-based media start-up.

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LEAGUE OF INDIA (www.leagueofindia.com), online Magazine on Politics, Governance & Society, launch

A premium online magazine on (Indian) Politics, Governance & Society, League of India (www.leagueofindia.com), was today launched by Rawat Convergence Projects, an India-based media start-up. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE PRLog (Press Release) - Nov. 14, 2010 - With a clear aim at raising questions, suggesting answers and offering actions, League of India ( www.leagueofindia.com ) offers a premium web […]

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About Us

Anshuman Rawat

Founder, Managing Director

Shobharani Rawat

Non-Executive Director

Suparna R- Joshi

Software & Technology Lead

Shruti S-Rawat

Corporate Administration Lead

Dr. Prashant Kumar

Education Outreach Lead

What do we do? We keep ourselves abreast with the latest global trends and teachings to be able to provide customized and cutting-edge news, communications and social media solutions across digital, mobile, print, cinema, television and outreach platforms to consumers and advertisers in India. It has been over 12 years, but it feels like we have just begun.

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Rawat MediaWorks belongs to the micro, small and medium enterprises (MSME) category but is firmly in sync with the exploding opportunities – both from within India and from the rest of the world – for the services and solutions that it offers to the world. It believes that the growing ecosystem of growth opportunities can best be utilized if it invites partnerships / association with top-of-the-shelf global talent and forward-looking companies.

That’s where you come in. You can either advertise with us via our various multi-media properties, sponsor our events, outreach and sports ventures/programs or invest in our projects for equity. Rawat MediaWorks promises better than market returns on the reach of your brand and returns on your investment.

To partner Rawat MediaWorks in News and Communication Ventures, please contact: Mr. Anshuman Rawat - Head, Corporate Affairs (anshuman@rawat.co.in)

To partner Rawat MediaWorks in Internet Applications and Services, please contact: Ms. Suparna Joshi - Head, IT Services (suparna@rawat.co.in)

For other opportunities, send your query to: corporate@rawat.co.in

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